The Little Things


Life is too short. For some of us, its even shorter than others as we never really know when our time will come. It seems as if the longer we live the faster it goes by. Each tick is so precious and is full of great moments that we cherish and sometimes that we fail to capture. People are often so focused on the big picture and what is happening next that they miss what is right in front of them, in the moment. 

A flower being pollinated by a bee in the spring, blades of grass swaying in the wind of the summer, a leaf falling from its maker during the fall, and the patterns of the snowflakes landing on your jacket during a winter storm. These types of things may seem so insignificant to some, but to others they art in real life. If you pay attention to the small things, the beauty continues to grow and is easier to see in everything in life. 


I have always been fond of the beauty found in the small things in life. Taking a run, I will stop my rhythm to enjoy the details of a flower or to pick up a unique rock. During a conversation my mind will become blank as I get lost in the tiny delicate features of someone’s eyes. And sitting by a window, my focus will drift up to the sky to find the repeating patterns in the clouds. In the end, I always snap back into a deeper rhythm with a better appreciation for what is happening in the now. I never really know when it will be my last flower or rock to make me stop, set of eyes to connect to the soul inside, or fluffy cloud to really make me feel connected to my ground. So, I might as well enjoy them all. 


You can never get back time after it is gone, an occasion after it is missed and a moment after it is experienced. If we take a step back and slow down, we can begin to get as much out of every moment as possible. Appreciating all the little things that make up a big moment only allows us to cherish that moment to the absolute fullest. 


Our time could end now, tomorrow or many years down the road, but we can make it all last longer if we step back, slow down and appreciate the small things in life. Because all those small things together make a moment bigger than any we could ever experience at once. 

Ryan Huels1 Comment