The Zone


The zone. An area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, use, or subject to particular restrictions. Or in sports, a type of defense played where each individual guards an allotted area and the opponents that enter that region. However, literal definitions can be far from the personal definitions we make for certain words or phrases. For me, the zone is a very special space where I am free. Free from everything except where I am and what I am doing in the moment. A space where my mind is clear of racing thoughts, future projects, and things to accomplish. The zone… a place of ultimate focus and pure happiness. A place that is only found only during certain actions to create a special moment. 


Underneath a paragliding wing, where minimal inputs can completely change your course of action. 

Scaling a rock slab, where calculated body movements are necessary to keep connection. 

 Riding single track, where precisely placing your front tire is the difference between a fall and walking away standing tall.  


Skiing a steep pitch, where your turns connect you to the massive mountains beneath your feet. 

 Sprinting a rocky path, where your foot placement is the difference between a broken ankle and a new fastest mile.

 Running a rapid, where the bow of your boat can determine a swim or a win.


Plucking a song on the guitar, where one finger can make a tune or force others to leave the room.

 Carving a piece of wood, where a single stroke makes a piece of firewood or a useful spoon. 

 Sketching a picture, where worn graphite becomes a masterpiece or a rough draft. 


Bringing words to paper, where interrupted flow makes the piece a yes or a no.  

 Sharing moments with people you love, where the only thing that matters is you and I. 

 Meditating, where you become your breathing and nothing else at all. 


From extreme to extremely important to you, the zone is a place where you can be you and forget about anything that’s not right there in the now. These are some of my favorite zones where I feel free and 100% like me. Places that I can escape to at any moment to experience ultimate focus and pure happiness. I’m joyful to share these zones and many others with the brilliant people who seek their zone and cherish it when found. So, what is your zone? Go find it and zone in. 

Ryan HuelsComment